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Everything starts with a thought. A thought someone dared to pursue, which eventually creates a thing. Regardless of what is happening in the world, we must channel our thoughts and create Purpose-Full things on purpose.


1 Victory Designs is a brand that believes the only way to truly be free, is to become all you were created to be. The process begins in the mind. Our "Thoughts Create Things" designs were created to serve as reminder, thoughts have power. Choose wisely!

My thoughts have led me to produce both positive and negative things. By becoming intentional in my pursuit of realizing every treasure locked inside of me, I am constantly being introduced to new aspects of myself and she is pretty dope.

Focus your thoughts, create in purpose, and become. I am 1000% positive you are super dope too.


Hope Victoria


1Victory Designs

We are on a mission. Your support is greatly appreciated!

When starting a business it is so easy to become overwhelmed with what you don't have, or to rack up mounds of debt investing in what you think you need. Here at 1 Victory designs we believe in using what you have in order to bring your vision to life. As the business or idea grows, invest back into the vision in order to fully realize all that is in your heart. That is exactly what we are doing! 

We are passionate about inspiring people to create. We are also passionate about creating quality things. Starting out, we have had to outsource manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping. After extensive research we found some of the best companies on the market, however, we understand nobody is going to care for our product like we do. Additionally, we are limited to their offerings and do not have complete control over product variations. 

Our goal is to own and operate our own direct to garment printing warehouse which would give us complete control over the finished product of our designs. Eventually, we will also be able to help assist other creators in turning their thoughts into things, as well as, expand to a variety of print on demand products and offerings. We want to provide a one stop shop for building quality products. From one creator to the next, small businesses will be able to rest assured that their customer is receiving the same attentiveness pertaining to accuracy and quality as we give our own.  

When one of us wins, we all win! There is no competition, only 1 Victory as we become who we were created to be. Let's tap into our genius allowing our thoughts to become things. 

With your support, we will make this happen.


Thank you!

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